Monday, February 21, 2011

raise the witch

raise the dead witch,
on the dark land,
in a horror night,
on the dark mind side.

in the mind of the beast,
there's a hunger,
they, are the allies,
we totally care!

as the witch woke,
i helped her,
to regain her power,
and plan what is planned.

it's the new oder,
when there's no right or wrong,
this is not a demonic ritual,
it's only a hope the cure the disease.

p/s : this is not about whatever you think!


  1. mahir zain pun dh nyanyi insyaallah versi malaysia..

  2. minta maaf, witch di sini bukan bermaksud ahli sihir semata-mata, tapi lebih kepada "pengubah"...pengubah tu nampak jahat, tapi sebenarnya datang untuk menjahanamkan yang lebih jahat...