Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Past King

I feel living in the past of two hundred years ago,
Well, that man owe my respect,
I gave him so I lose mine,
Now I live in a world created by him.

It's an unfair thing that I could tell when I lose my power,
No, I'm not losing it, just can't use it,
As I try telling to my people, "we're dead!"
I wish I can help.

The propaganda he made, a mistaken, (well we know),
Bravo! we just shut up our mouth.
Keep it up, It is good for him,
A torture is better than kill.

Yeah, we live in a freedom world,
A freedom when he cut my leg and hand!
Bowing everyday for his order,
But, the fight are there inside.

One day, shall we untie this together?
Not just you and me, all of "us",
And write him to our true history,
that he was the past king!

live in our way, 1.53 a.m


  1. wah acai....
    gua rock sama lu la...
    gua tapik tujuh petala langit sama lu...

  2. hahaha...banyak la ko..ayat tunggang langgang...